How to Choose a Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Blog

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Choosing the right and perfect WordPress theme for your blog is an important step that cannot be overlooked because it affects the entire outlook and performance of your blog or website. You don’t want your users getting confused and finding it difficult to navigate when they get to your site.

WordPress is simply a content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Note that it can be used to create any kind of website. It is also used to create e- commerce sites for online stores.

One of the reasons, a lot of people prefer WordPress to other CMS platforms is because you can build your website yourself without any special tools irrespective of the niche you occupy.

Choosing a perfect WordPress theme can be tricky. This is because there are thousands of themes available (free and paid) and because you want your clients to feel ‘at home’ on your site, you take your time trying out several themes and end up getting stuck in the process.

Most people have not launched their blog sites because they have gotten stuck in this phase trying to pick a perfect WordPress theme for their website.

Before you choose a new WordPress theme, you must first understand that each theme serves a particular niche hence, your WordPress theme should complement the contents on your blog. Some important factors to consider before you choose a new WordPress theme for your blog are:

1. Make a List of the Features

Make a List of the Features

Make a list of the features you want on your website. You should have an idea of how you want your website to look. If you don’t, well, it’s not late. You can visit your favorite blog or other websites catering for the same need as your intended blog site, and check out their features. This step will help you focus on exactly what you want and help create an idea of what yours should look like.

2. Simple as Possible

Simple as Possible

Keep your website as simple as possible. Using a complicated WordPress theme can impair the usability of your blog site and even make it slow. Remember, nobody likes a slow website (a website that takes time to load), especially Google, which prefers to rank fast-loading websites higher. Therefore, choose a theme that will help your site load pages as fast as possible.

3. User Readability

User Readability

Ensure the WordPress theme allows for user readability. Do not choose a theme with a font that is hard to ready. This is because your contents are the main reason people visit your website. There’s nothing wrong with choosing fonts that can spice up the looks of your website but if it is not readable, your website is perceived to be useless.

Also, using a WordPress theme that can be customized is important (premium WordPress themes provide you with more customizable features than free WordPress themes). This customizable features on the WordPress theme can help you make changes until you are satisfied with what you see.

4. SEO Friendliness

SEO Friendliness

Your sites’ information on search engines is highly affected by SEO. If your selected theme generates a poorly coded HTML, it would be difficult for search engines to understand what the site is all about.

5. Mobile-Friendly


How responsive is this WordPress theme I’m about to choose or I just chose? Having a site that isn’t mobile-friendly shouldn’t be heard of anymore. Lately, research has shown that people easily access the internet from their mobile phones or tablets more than from a desktop or laptop computer. Make sure that whichever theme you choose to roll with is family-friendly because Google shows mobile-friendly websites on top of their mobile search results.

6. Content Prioritization

Content Prioritization

Content prioritization is also important when choosing a new WordPress theme for business. Ensure to take note that your theme points out important contents and does not duplicate contents. Hence, it should carry out the required tags for each content.

7. Supported Plugins

 Supported Plugins

Be sure to test if your theme supports all popular plugins. Because these plugins makes up an integral part of WordPress that allows you add several features like creating galleries, add contact forms, boost SEO to your WordPress site.

8. Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility

Compatibility with other browsers is another nondebatable feature your WordPress theme must possess. Most new WordPress themes come with default settings for browser compatibility which may be altered when the theme is customized. So, you must test the compatibility of your them with several browsers. You can achieve this using testing tools like the LambdaTest.

9. Support Options for When You Need

Support Options for When You Need

Help One disadvantage of using free WordPress themes is that they may have no guaranteed support. Most premium WordPress themes offer good documentation and support options.

10. Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

The power of the reviews and ratings of a product shouldn’t be underestimated. Most times, you find out about the good and bad side of a product from reviews and ratings. So, in order to select a perfect WordPress theme for business, ensure to check and read thoroughly through these reviews and ratings.

Note that the visual aspects, as well as the technical aspects of a new WordPress theme, are important.


WordPress is one of the best and most popular choices when creating a blog (or any other website). It widely offers a variety of themes that you can use to build your own site but, a number of factors must be put into consideration when choosing a perfect WordPress theme for business.

Consider whether the theme is responsive or not, if it can be used on various device without hitch, if it loads fast and smoothly and if it is SEO-friendly.